Pablo honey

Stop Whispering
Thinkin' About You
I can't

The Bends ( The Bends - High and Dry - Fake Plastic Trees - [Nice Dream] -My Iron Lung - Bullet Proof ... I Wish I Was - Sulk - Street Spirit) (accords, tablature et paroles de ces 8 chansons)

Ok computer

Paroles de l'album
Airbag (Tablature)
Climbing Up The Walls (Tablature)
Electioneering (Tablature)
Exit Music (For a Film) (accords, tablature et paroles)
Fitter Happier (tablature)
Karma police (accords, paroles)
Let down (Tablature)
Lucky (accords, paroles)
No Surprises (Tablature, accords et paroles)
Paranoid Android (Tablature)
Subterranean (Tablature)
The tourist (Tablature, accords et paroles)

Non album tracks

Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
You Never Wash Up After Yourself