"Mojo Pin" Chord Chart

This is about as simplified as it can or needs to be, and is in standard tuning (unlike the tab). More experienced players can experiment with 7ths, suspensions, and whatever else takes their fancy. I've only done one verse and chorus part as it pretty much repeats itself through the song. I have provided some simple first-position chords for the "dramatic bit" (you'll know what I mean, the bit that goes "da-da-da-dum!" a couple of times) but the accurate fingering, as best I can figure it, is provided in the tab below, and it ain't that much more difficult.

C	  Am  	C	  Am		(Repeat x 4)
C	                     Am
I'm lying in my bed, the blanket is warm
     C                 	Am
This body will never be safe from harm
C                           Am
Still feel your hair, black ribbons of coal
C                 D
Touch my skin to keep me whole
C  	Am	  C	   Am
C                            Am	C	               Am
If only you'd come back to me, feel it at my side
C                     Am       C            D
Wouldn't need no mojo pin, to keep me satisfied
F                          D
Don't wanna weep for you, don't wanna know
F            	             D
I'm blind and tortured, the white horses flow
F                   D             		G (or Gmaj7)
Memories fire, the rhythms fall slow
D      G        C      	 D
Black beauty I love you so

(repeat chords over second verse/chorus)

(then after 2nd v/ch, switch to "dramatic bit")

D -- G -- Dm -- D -- D -- G -- Dm -- D dim
D -- G -- Dm -- D -- D -- G -- Dm -- D (hold this chord....)

(then back into verse/chorus.....and follow through until the end)

1. Various more elaborate chords can be substituted into various parts of the song. Have fun experimenting.
2. The "dramatic bit" as shown above is really the barest minimum I could come up with, and will sound a little strained. Brave souls should be able to tackle the tabbed version of this (below).
3. I'll let you find (if you don't know them yet) the basic major and minor chords yourself, but here's a couple of charts for the D dim, which stands for a "D diminished" chord (flat 3rd, flat 5th, double flat 7th, thanks Ralph Denyer).

E  |-1-|---|---|---|                   E  |---|---|---|-4-|  
B  |---|---|-3-|---|                   B  |---|---|-2-|---|  
G  |-1-|---|---|---|                   G  |---|---|---|-3-| 
D  O---|---|---|---|  = Open           D  |---|---|-1-|---|  
A  X---|---|---|---|                   A  X---|---|---|---|  
E  X---|---|---|---|                   E  X---|---|---|---| 
     1   2   3   4     < "--">                     1   2   3   4 

"Mojo Pin" Tab

This tab started with some earlier correspondence, but I've redone it from scratch as I've changed my mind about various bits and pieces. In particular, the intro is a little different from one that was posted and discussed on the mailing list a while back.

Regarding the rest of the tab of this song, Jake Leach has given me some useful feedback and suggestions. I have yet to incorporate the changes I want to add from that correspondence, so meanwhile, this is very much a "tab in progress"...

As I have mentioned before, it is important to play this song in dropped-D tuning IF you want to replicate the stuff Jeff does. All this means is the bottom E is lowered to a D, while everything else remains as per standard tuning. The notation of the tab "strings" reflects this.

For the appropriate timing, I figure (as others have done) that if you're brave enought to attack the tabs, you can get the timing from the CD. (I've indicated bars in other song tabs, and I may get round to doing 'em here some day...)


D-----------X (2nd fret muted with thumb)--------------------

The "^" symbol denotes a pull-off (I use the 4th finger here).

(Sometimes I think Jeff alternates the first part with


but I'm not prepared to put money on this.....)

Then this part ends with a sweeping D chord, strummed from the top string down
to the bottom D:


Then what I'll call the "next bit" (the "don't wanna weep..." stuff) -- play
the first chord from the top-E down to the bottom F:


Astute listeners will note that Jeff throws in some little transitional chords
and things.  Some of them I'll ignore except for a couple of key things I list
at the end.

Then the "rhythms fall slow.../black beauty..." bit:


Those descending 2/3/0 bits come pretty quickly on the heels of the preceding
chord, and at first you may be only able to hear the 2nd two.  But there are
3, trust me.

Now the song repeats from the start, so just follow the tab again.  (But see
the embellishments below.)

Then after the 2nd run, we go into the "dramatic bit" as follows, starting
with the final chord of the "black beauty" bit (you can provide the
da-da-da-dum rhythm):

E------X---X---X---X---X---X----X---X------      ----------X----------
B------1---3---6--10---1---3----6---9------        -------10-------
G------2---4---7--11---2---4----7--10-----        --------11-------
D------0---0---0---0---0---0----0---0------         -------0----------
A------------------------------------------          ------0---------
D------------------------------------------         -------0---------

then repeat, except instead of the final chord shown above in the left tab
(X/9/10/0), put in a nice open D chord as shown, and let it hang.

You now have all the basic parts of the song, and can put them together at
your own leisure.  Enjoy.

But I will include some of the embellishments Jeff plays during the "white
horses flow/memories fire" section, as they are fun, and they vary each time.

This is what is played in the 1st run through:


where ">" denotes a slide (some of the slides are just "slid", some are picked
as well...let your ear be your guide).  In the 2nd run through, what happens

B-------3----1>3-----0---------------3---3---1-----3--------  etc.

In the 3rd run through, the whole thing gets pounded out pretty hard, and then
in the "Blaaaaacckk beaauuttyy  IIIIII love you soooooooo" bit, try something


It's not exact but hey (so sue me.....).

OK, now it's in your hands.


"Grace" Chord Chart

This is a simplified standard-tuning chord chart for "Grace", which (as with "Mojo") is designed for the bash-along-I-don't-care-about-the-fiddly-difficult-bits and novice players out there. You can strum and sing along using this. Most of these chords have been posted already to the JBEL mailing list (by e.g. John Pollock) and have appeared on Gayle Kelemen's webpage, so there's no great novelty here so far..

Anyway, these chords are as I have mapped them, and can be embellished according to your inclination. But they suffice as a starting point. One or two are tricky and I'll include some diagrams for beginners.


Fm  	Gm	  Em
D  	D   D	  D


There's the moon asking to stay
F                    Em              Eb
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
F                  Em       Eb               Em
Is my time coming, I'm not afraid, afraid to die
    Em    B7    G    A   Bm  A  Em
My fading voice sings of love
         Em   B7     G       A    Bm   A   Em
But she cries to the clicking of time, oh time


F                 Em                Eb
Wait in the fire, wait in the fire,     x 2 (in the first instance)

(Then repeat the intro, verse and chorus as before, which then takes us
into the instrumental bit)

Eb   F   G   F#   F   Em   Em
Em/G/A/Bm (quickly)              then
Em   B7   G  A  Bm   A   Em   (x3)

(Then back to the intro and first part of the verse,
ending on F, Em, Eb, F, Em, Eb.......)

This song has a lot of chords in it, and some of them (Eb!) are not especially user friendly, especially for the beginner. Once you are comfortable with meddling with your tuning, it turns out to be a breeze to play in this song (see the tab below). But for standard tuning, here's a way (using "pictorial" representation) of playing the verse and chorus chords which will be good enough to start with (by the way, Eb refers to "E flat").

E	|----|----|----|----|        |----|----|----|        |----|----|----|   
B	X----|----|----|----|        O----|----|----|        X----|----|----|  
G	O----|----|----|----|        O----|----|----|        O----|----|----|   
D	|----|----|--4-|----|        |----|--3-|----|        |--3-|----|----|   
A	|----|----|--3-|----|        |----|--2-|----|        |--2-|----|----| 
E	|--1-|----|----|----|        O----|----|----|        X----|----|----|    
frets 1    2    3    4              1    2    3             1   2    3 
           F                         	Em                      Eb
	(actually F9 I think)

In the chorus (and the final verse!), you will see that it actually works if you bash some of the open strings, especially the open B string, while you play these chords. In the earlier verses hold back a little. Guitarists can experiment with playing the D-chord section of the introduction in the following way -- lay your index finger across the top 3 strings on the 2nd fret, and then use your 2nd or 3rd finger to fret the D note on the B string. There's your D chord. Now, hammer that D note on and off again as the intro goes through (so the notes are alternating C#/D/C# C#/D/C# C#/D etc....). This corresponds to the bit in the tab up around the 14th fret.

"Grace" Tab

Some parts of "Grace" have been already tabbed out in some detail, specially the intro. The version of the intro below is my own, but it differs only in minor ways (if at all) from the versions tabbed by John Pollock and by Nate. However, I have not seen the other parts tabbed (at least not in any way I could make sense of), and so the rest is pretty much "all my own work".

As with "Mojo", the dropped-D tuning is CRUCIAL to the correct (i.e. Jeff-like) playing of the song.

OK folks, the ride starts here.

*Introduction (Part1):



Remember, the ^ denotes a pull-off or hammer-on.


Repeat as above 3 times, then on the final (4th) pass play:

A---- 0------0-----0-------0--|---0-------------

Use your own discretion about those bottom notes (i.e. how often you wanna hit

*Verse (Part 1):

This is the tab of the picked guitar line you can hear on the album 
version ("There's the moon asking to stay...").  How to play the 
appropriate chords should become clear as you work through this.



You can figure out where the bars go....

*Verse (Part 2)

This is the ascending part ("My fading voice sings....")...



An alternative version is (without the bars):



...this bit should seem pretty obvious by now......


..the thing is to bash those open strings now (but avoiding the top E 
if you can).....
...and note that each chord here is one bar length.

Then from here, repeat the intro, verse and chorus before proceeding 

*Middle 8 (Instrumental Section):


where ">" is a slide (but pick each part).

(You could also play this section like


because it's really pretty hard to tell exactly what the hell the 
guitars are doing right at this point.)

Then repeat part 2 of the verse pattern (play 3 times), back into the 
full intro, then part 1 of the verse, only now bash the chords like 
you do in the chorus, and then go straight to the chorus (still playing 
the same chords) and scream your tiny head off.

A suggested embellishment as you careen for the last time between the 
first and second parts of the introduction, before ploughing into the 
final climactic verse -- try sticking two fingers on the two bottom 
strings at the 5th fret and bashing a few strings (on the way up to 
that 14th fret stuff).  Listen to the CD and you'll see what I'm 
getting at.

Last thing -- on the "Grace" e.p. live version (and the Selinas etc.
versions), you'll here a guitar doing an ascending sequence during the song's
climax.  I've done the notes purely by ear (i.e. look ma, no guitar) while at
the terminal, so if I'm wrong, tough bananas, but they are (I'm pretty sure) F
- A - B - D - Eb.


"Last Goodbye" Chord Chart

OK, like all chord charts I do, it is not "authoritative", whatever that means. It is meant to give people a rough idea of how to approach the song, and enjoy playing it. If you use other variations on some of the chords, more power to you! Ash Brideson has previously posted a chord chart for this song which at the time seemed pretty on the money to me. (I haven't referred to it lately so I don't know whether I've done anything notably different.)

Dsus/D                Dsus/D
This is our last goodbye
           Bm            A          Em
I hate to feel the love between us die
But it's over
Just hear this and then I'll go :
 you gave me more to live for,
  G                     Dsus/D
more than you'll ever know.

Dsus/D etc. 
This is our last embrace,
       Bm              A           G
must I dream and always see your face
      Em                    D
Why can't we overcome this wall
  A                                      G
Baby, maybe it is just because I didn't know you at all.

(Weird chords -- kind of Dm then Gm7, repeated)

 A7                G
Kiss me, please, kiss me
             A                              G
But kiss me out of desire, babe, and not consolation
               A                          G
You know, it makes me so angry 'cause I know that in time
A7                  G                       Dsus/D
I'll only make you cry, this is our last goodbye.


D        Bm   A              G 
Did you say "no, this can't happen to me,"
D            Bm          A        G
and did you rush to the phone to call?
            D       Bm           A            G
Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind saying, 
Em/Am                 C               G
"maybe... you didn't know him at all."
          D                              Dmaj7
Well, the bells out in the church tower chime
  D7                              Dmaj7/D
Burning clues into this heart of mine
          C               D                C
Thinking so hard on her soft eyes and the memory 
Of her sighs that, "it's over... it's over..."

Dm/Gm7 twice, then A7-G-C (last chord left hanging).

The Dsus means D suspended, and it's easy (and nice). It's just a standard D major with an added 4th note, as follows.

E |---|-2-|(4)|     The 2/3/1 chord is the D major.  Adding the (4)
B |---|---|-3-|     turns it into a Dsus.
G |---|-1-|---|
D |---|---|---|
A |---|---|---|
E |---|---|---|
The weird chords which I describe above as Dm and Gm7 are actually tabbed below as (first) being made up of C, F and D notes, and (second) Bb and F notes. Go figure (I had to!). Dm and Gm7 oughta do as a simple alternative.

"Last Goodbye" Tab

Here is my latest attempt at Last Goodbye, referring to the video evidence, yer Honour.

I have tabbed this out before, and I think my last attempt is up on Gayle's website, but this is muuuuch improved. If you have never played this song before in open-G tuning, then run amok!!! :^)

(Thanks again to those who advised me on the open-G tuning.)

This is an update on the previously posted tab of this song. I have had the benefit of viewing some live footage of Jeff playing this, and I was able to figure out some bits which hitherto I'd had to guess. I still make no claim to 100% accuracy, but, fact is, it hardly matters. Most of the chords in the song are simple majors and minors, each of which can be played a number of ways in the open-G tuning (or even in standard tuning). But I do think I have made a pretty good attempt at getting close to what Jeff (and Michael T) are playing.

(Note: I sometimes economise on notation in this song by ignoring the open strings. I indicate muting when I think it's important, but use your own judgement about what to mute and what to let ring.)

So, OK, you can check out the tuning below, and I presume you all know that the slide bit just goes from fret 2 to 5 to 12 to 7. But just to be super-helpful, here's how Jeffrey does it when in Japan (not using a slide).

*Intro (Live & Acoustic in Japan):

D ---2---2-4-5--->5---7^5--|--7>9---9--9-----7---   1st & 3rd times
B ---2---2------->5---5----|--5>7---7--8^7---7---
G ---2---2------->5--------|--5>7---7--------7--
D ---2---2------->5--------|--5>7---7--------7---
G ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|------------
D ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|----------------

D ---2---2-4-5--->5---7^5--|--5>12--7--------    2nd time
B ---2---2------->5---5----|--5>12--7---------
G ---2---2------->5--------|--5>12--7-----------
D ---2---2------->5--------|--5>12--7----------
G ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|-----------------
D ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|----------------

then finish on.......and move into this

D ------0-|--0-- || ---0---0---0---0--|----   and play as required.
B ------0-|--0-- || ---0---0---0---X--|-----
G ------6-|--4-- || --12--12--12--11--|----    This is the "D suspended"/
D ------7-|--5-- || ---0---0---0---0--|--------  "D major" sequence.
G --------|--0-- || --12--12--12--11--|------
D --------|----- || ---0---0---0---0--|------

Of course, there's a 2nd guitar doing some distracting things in there, like
playing the open 4th string (D) at some point where the first guitar isn't,
but these things are just sent to test apprentice tabbers.

*Intro (Part 2):

D -----------------------------|--------------------------------
B ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7------
G ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7-------
D ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7------
G ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7------
D --4-X--4-X--4-X---4>7-X--7-X-|--2-X--2-X--2-X---2>9-X--9-X-------

(Faking the bass line on a guitar!) this finishes on the A7, G sequence

D ---------|--0---------------     then into the
B ---------|--0------------        Dsus/D thing as
G -----0---|--0------------        tabbed above.
D -----11--|--9--------------
G -----9---|--7--------------
D -----11--|--9--------------

...but an alternative version of the A7, G sequence is...

D ---------|--0--0--0---------     and THEN into the
B ---------|--0--0--0--------      Dsus/D thing as
G -----0---|--0--2--4--------      tabbed above.
D -----11--|--0--0--0----------
G -----9---|--0--2--4---------
D -----11--|--0--0--0---------


From Dsus/D ("This is our last goodbye") into the descending bit ("hate to see
the love...")

D ----0-----0----|----0-----------|--0---|---0----      The little
B ----0-----0----|----0-----------|--0---|---7--------  4/0/4 thing is
G ----7-----6----|----0-----------|--0---|---7--------  kind of an optional
D ----9-----7----|----2-------4---|--5---|---0----      transition thing
G ----7-----6----|----0-------0---|--4---|---7--------  which is quite nice.
D ----9-----7----|----2-------4---|--5---|---0-------   Play it quick.

"...see ..between us die, but it's over ...this..."

D -------[or]-[2]--|----[or]-[0]--|-----0------0---  etc.  
B -----0------[2]--|--0------[0]--|-----0------X--------  
G -----6------[2]--|--0------[0]--|----12-----11---------  
D -----7------[2]--|--5------[0]--|-----0------0-------    
G -----6------[2]--|--4------[0]--|----12-----11---------  
D -----7------[2]--|--5------[0]--|-----0------0--------  

"you gave me ....... more than ... know......"

The 2nd run through is the same as the first, only reverse the order of the Em
(2/0/2/0) and the G (5/4/5/0).

Then come those tricky "what are they?" chords which end the sequence here.

D ----(3)--|--(3)--3-----------   . N.B. the () bit means try not to strike 
B ----(6)--|--(6)--6-----------    these strings -- emphasise the bottom 4.
G -----5---|---5---3-------------
D -----3---|---3---3-----------
G -----5---|---5---3-------------
D -----0---|---0---3--------------

For "kiss me please kiss me", you can just jump back into the barre chord

D ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ------[or]--------------[or]
B ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----------------------------------
G ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----0---[0 ]----------0---[0]--
D ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----5---[11]----------0---[0]---
G ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----6---[9 ]----------4---[0]---
D ---------------|---------------- || ----7---[11]----------5---[0]---

"..kiss me, please kiss me, kiss me... ...I'd only make you cry..."

The square bracketed chords at the end are alternative ways to play that bit.

*Middle 8

This is the instrumental bit.  The chords are Dsus/D, with Jeff's voice doing
lots of "ooooh"s while the guitar does something like:

D --------------|--------[rapid]-----|---[rapid]----|-------------|----
B --------------|--------------------|--------------|-------------|----
G -4---7---6--2>|4--6---11>12>11---4>|6---6>7>6---4>|6---2>4--1>2-|-14-
D --------------|--------------------|--------------|-------------|----
G -4---7---6--2>|4--6---11>12>11---4>|6---6>7>6---4>|6---2>4--1>2-|-14-
D --------------|--------------------|--------------|-------------|----

The timing of this bit is *not* easy to write out, sorry.  Those first notes
are not (I am pretty sure) the beginning notes of that bar.  All I can say is
that practising it against the song itself as played by The Man will be good
training for the ear.

Then you go into the chords, Bm/A/G/A/Bm/A/Em/A/Bm/A/G, played something like

D -----------------|- [repeat 1st 2 chords, |---------------------
B -----------------|-----  then] -----------|---------------------
G --7---6---4---6--|----------------0-------|---7---6----0--------
D --9---7---5---7--|----------------2--4--7-|---9---7----0--------
G -[7]-[6]-[4]-[6]-|----------------0-------|--[7]-[6]---4--------
D --9---7---5---7--|----------------2--4--7-|---9---7----5--------

The notes in square brackets can be played or just muted (which is what I
think Jeff does).

Then we get to "Did you say no this can't happen....", where I've re-tabbed
the chords in an attempt to get that consistent F# high note which seems to be
in every chord in this section (except the last 4).  It's a bugger to finger,
but that's our Jeff (actually, I think he lets the bass guitar take care of
that descending bassline, except bringing his thumb into play over the neck to
fret the 7th fret on the bottom string at the appropriate moment)...

D ----0------0--|--0---------------X--- || ---0--|-0--|---0--|----0---
B ----7------7--|--7---------------7--- || ---8--|-1--|---5--|----0---
G ----7------7--|--7---------------7--- || ---9--|-2--|---5--|----0---
D ----0------0--|--X---------------0--- || ---0--|-0--|---0--|----0---
G ----7------4--|--6---------------0--- || ---9--|-2--|---5--|----4---
D ----0------X--|--7---------------5--- || ---0--|-X--|------|----5---

"..Did you say this can't happen... ..may ..know him.."

Then back to part 2 of the intro, twice, then the Dsus/D bit, and then the
climax which I am going to tab two separate ways.  Jeff seems to play the
first of these versions, but I figured out the second one before I saw the
live footage and I like it too much not to put it in.  So sue me.

Climax #1:

D ---0-----0--[for-------------|------------------------|------
B ---0-----0---2---------------|--8------------------7--|------
G --12----11--bars]------------|--9------------------7--|--9---
D ---0-----0-------------------|------------------------|-11---
G --12----11-------------------|--9------------------7--|-11---
D ---0-----0-------------------|------------------------|------

" bells of the ch'tower chime, burnin' clues... heart of mine.."

Or else try

Climax #2:

D -------------|----------|---------------------|------------
B ---7---------|-5--3-----|-5-------------------|--5---7-----
G ---7---------|-6--4-----|-5-------------------|--6---7-----
D ---0---------|-0--0-----|-0-------------------|--0---0-----
G ---7---------|-6--4-----|-5-------------------|--6---7-----
D -------------|----------|---------------------|------------

" bells of ...  chime,  burnin' clues...  heart of mine.."

And then into:

D ----------|------------|----------|----------------------
B ---5------|---7--------|--8-------|---10-----------------
G ---5------|---7--------|--9-------|---11-----------------
D ---0------|---0--------|--0-------|----0-----------------
G ---5------|---7--------|--9-------|---11-----------------
D ----------|------------|----------|----------------------

" hard ..soft eyes ...memories ...sighs that it's..."

then the tricky "what are they?" chords, then finish up on the final drawn out

D ----0----0----0----0---//--------------------0------------
B ----7----7----0----5---//-[or just]----------5------------
G ----7----6----7----5---//-------------0---0--5------------
D ----0----0----0----0---//------------11---9--0------------
G ----7----7----7----5---//-------------9---7--5------------
D ----0----0----0----0---//------------11---9--0------------

and you're pretty much done.

I *reallllllllly* hope you have some fun with this.....


"Lilac Wine" Chord Chart

This is my user-friendly chord map to "LW". It is not too far from John Pollock's earlier tab of this, but there are some variations, particularly the diminished chord and the D7 instead of D.

I lost myself on a cool damp night
Gave myself in that misty light
D7                  Cm
Was hypnotized by a strange delight
D7            Gm
Under a lilac tree
I made wine from the lilac tree
Put my heart in its recipe
It makes me see what I want to see...
D7                    Gm
And be what I want to be
Gdim                     C
When I think more than I want to think
Cm                       Gm
Do things I never should do
Gdim                     C
I drink much more than I ought to drink
Cm                       G       D7
Because I brings me back you...

G      G7

G     G7      C         D7             G            G7
Lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love
C           Dm G  C         Dm     G       C
Lilac wine,       I feel unsteady, like my love
Eb                            D7
Listen to me... I cannot see clearly
D7                          Am7     D7
Isn't that she coming to me nearly here?

And repeat as necessary.

The final progression is just:

G   G7           C    D7            G         G7
  Lilac Wine, I feel unready for my love
           C    Cm    D7       G
I feel unready       for my love...
1. The C minor chord marked with the * is actually a bit more involved (complicated?) if you look at the tab, as it has an A in the bass. This actually makes it, I think, an "A minor 7 diminished 5", but don't quote me!!
2. Diagrams for the G diminished chord and the Am7dim5 are below: alternatively see the tab.
3. To get the "muted jazzy feel" John Pollock referred to in his post, without being confined to barre chords (which are difficult and also are not what I have tabbed out below for the most part), I suggest using the thumb and fingers of the right (picking) hand rather than a plectrum, to "stroke" the strings.

E  |---|---|-4-|---|              |---|---|---|---|
B  |---|-2-|---|---|              |---|-1-|---|---|
G  |---|---|-3-|---|              |---|---|-4-|---|
D  |---|-1-|---|---|              |---|---|-3-|---|
A  |---|---|---|---|              |(1)|---|---|---|
E  |---|---|---|---|              |---|---|-2-|---|
     2   3   4    5                 3   4   5    6

       G diminished                       Am7dim5 I think

                                 [to make this a Cminor, just play the (1) on
                                 the 5th string rather than the 2 on the
                                 6th, OK]

"Lilac Wine" Complete Tab

This is actually fairly easy and quite fun to play. As best I can figure it, this is what I think is actually played on the "Grace" album. At least, it's pretty darn close...

Standard tuning!! (What a shock!) I'm just going to tab out the individual chords, not the rhythm or anything. Y'all can figure that out yourselves. (If you are training your ear, a good exercise is to figure out which chord below goes where in the song.)




*"Lilac wine..." bit



Now, I'll leave the final progression up to you since it's just a variation on
the above, and the chord chart I provided gives the essential information. 
The one variation through the song that might be worth noting is that on the
second run through, when we get to "sweet and heady", halfway through the D7
bit, Jeff adds a suspension which should be pretty apparent when you hear it
(I'm providing the "rhythm" in the tab below):


Happy playing.


"So Real" Chord Chart

OK, we're in standard tuning land again for this song, for both chords and tab. Once again, I am aiming for the simplest possible configuration of chords to enable you to belt out a version of this song, rather than a more complex arrangement that "sounds more like Jeff". If you wanna sound like Jeff, try the tab below and let me know how it works for you. However, there are a few bits where slightly out-of-it chords make an appearance; so be it. (I will also flag a couple of variations you can try to get a more sophisticated thang happening, just for the hell of it.)


Intro kind of moves from Dm to Bb back to Dm.  Then:

Emb5            Em                      D/A/G/C/B7
Love, let me sleep tonight on your couch
Emb5                           Em        
And remember the smell of the fabric of your simple 
 city dress

 C             Am7
Oh... That was so real (repeat)

 Emb5                      Em                       D/A/G/C/B7
We walked around 'til the moon got full like a plate.
Emb5                                   Em                D/A/G/C/B7
The wind blew an invocation and I fell asleep at the gate
Emb5                                              Em 
... And I never stepped - on - the - cracks - 'cause
    - I - thought - I'd - hurt - my - mother 
Emb5                                       Em 
... And I couldn't awake from the nightmare  
    That sucked me in and pulled me under,     pulled me under

C              Am7
Oh... That was so real
Emb5         Em
I love you
But I'm afraid to love you

 C             Am7
Oh... That was so real

E/Fm/G   G              Bm    Gm
           Oh, that was so real (repeat)

1. This chord chart is barely adequate to make sense of the song, particularly in the chorus (Am7 is not really on the money but I'm trying to keep it simple). I'll add some variations on the chorus chords that you can play near the open position (C6 and Am6); if you want more cleverness than that, try the tab below.
2. See just below for the simplified Emb5 which you can try if you don't wanna do the tab thing.


E  |---|---|---|---|        |---|---|---|---|       |---|-4-|---|---|
B  O---|---|---|---|        |-1-|---|---|---|       |-1-|---|---|---|
G  O---|---|---|---|        |---|-3-|---|---|       |---|-3-|---|---|
D  |---|-3-|---|---|        |---|-2-|---|---|       |---|-2-|---|---|
A  |-2-|---|---|---|        |---|---|-4-|---|       O---|---|---|---|
E  O---|---|---|---|        |---|---|---|---|       |---|---|---|---|
   1    2    3    4          1    2    3    4        1    2    3   4
          Emb5                   C6                        Am6
Try these out if the tabbed stuff is a little daunting. Meanwhile, Brett McClen, from Mildura (country Australia) sent me the chords he plays in the chorus. I tried 'em. I liked 'em. While I still think that I've got Jeff's arrangement pretty much in the bag in the tab (well, hmmm, see comments below), I think Brett's voicings are nice. Here they are:


E   |---|---|---|---|       |---|---|---|---|
B   0---|---|---|---|       |---|---|-3-|---|
G   |---|-2-|---|---|       |---|-2-|---|---|
D   |---|---|-4-|---|       |---|---|-1-|---|
A   |---|---|-3-|---|       0---|---|---|---|
E   |-1-|---|---|---|       X---|---|---|---|
      8   9   10              5   6   7   8
      C somethingth            Am somethingth